What is DroidLane ?

Project details about the upcoming DROIDLANE phenomena

What is DroidLane ?

Postby gunnar » September 10th, 2009, 9:09 am

DroidLane is a solution for users of Android based handsets that enables in-traffic communication of various kinds.
It makes use of GPS for position reporting, cellular/WLAN/Bluetooth for networking, camera for photo/video, microphone for voice input.
Droidlane is made up as a mobile application that runs in handsets. A central server facilitates communication distribution.

Have you ever experienced yourself confined in a traffic jam that seem to progress ever so slowly ?
You have little idea what's causing it, when/where it's going to free up and you're frustrated, angry and bored.
The typical wish at that time is that you could simply get out of this gloomy place, but there's no way to go. You're stuck.
Well listening to music on the car stereo and whatever radio stations you can tune into is one thing. But there can be more.
This app lightens up your life, gets you in unpredictable contact with the commuters around you, you can share own-contributed traffic status,
listen/contribute to voice chats on diverse channels(!), do wireless file sharing, experience novel proximity communication. And more.
Stuff you never thought of to be available in traffic but which seem obvious and exciting once you have it all available !

Droidlane involves but will not be limited to
- Traffic update information (User contributed Traffic Jam/Incident reporting/Sharing; Hit a button to signal a JAM and warn others of choosing that route).
- Proximity Communication (Droidlane enabled drivers/vehicles spontaneously connect/sync).
- In-car entertainment (kill the dreaded Traffic Jam gloomy side of life - various daily campaigns,gizmos help entertain on the road - unobtrusively for traffic safety)
- DroidLane uses voice prompting and simplified input to aid in-car app navigation - helps keep your eyes on the road for safety.
- Car pooling support (commuter matching based on statistics of GPS assisted route tracks, suggests pooling opportunities).
- Applicable worldwide - commuting/traffic jams an inevitable side of life ? Localized versions will be released and community translated/maintained.

Rear window decals will be made available stating "DroidLane Spoken Here".

The inherent networking mechanism in the handset is exploited to enable a vast array of use cases applicable to a commuting situation.
The application is expected to expand its functionality over time, encompassing much of what is feasible for the Android user in an in-traffic situation.
This application is under development, estimated first release end of Q4 2009. Stay tuned to further DroidLane updates ! :mrgreen:
Suggestions welcomed ! Please register to post in the forum.

The droidlane website is currently in development (a Joomla CMS based marvel), so only this forum is up for now.

Always tune in to http://droidlane.com for the latest developments.

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