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DroidLane Gifts - offer something for pickup

Postby gunnar » September 10th, 2009, 10:05 am

DroidLane Gifts is an ever so cool, or stupid feature (your mileage may vary) that does in-traffic proximity communication. When a DroidLane user/vehicle come in close proximity of another DroidLane user who is offering DroidLane Gifts then the user will be offered to connect to a file share associated with that other DroidLane user. In that share the contributing user has placed one or more file objects designated as a DroidLane Gift, a piece of data that is made available for automatic pickup by other nearby commuters. This can be just about any data recognizable and permitted by DroidLane (image, text file, video clip, music file, voice clip, HTML, PDF, etc). The potential Gifts receiver (DroidLane user) is able to filter what kind of content to be presented and can easily block certain users from offering Gifts based on experience or upfront. The submitter is able to publish the gift(s) to a certain Gift Channel (have you ever heard of such a thing anywhere else?) and potential receivers can subscribe to certain such Gift Channels as a way to narrowing down on what gifts to be presented. Mis-use is handled by users blocking other users.
Excessive blocking of a specific user by other users puts that user in a global "Gift Submitter Quarantine" (hey we're creating new stuff here) for certain periods as determined by the blocking frequency thus making this service unavailable to that user during quarantine time.
The file share can be either a storage location on the common DroidLane server to which transmission occur over cellular (mobile network), or, files on the Droidlane user mobile device that gets transmitted directly peer-to-peer over WLAN or Bluetooth. The non-negotiable overall characteristic of this feature is that the Gift offering only occurs at an instance when the DroidLane service detect users as being in very close proximity of each other (typically in sight), could we say about 100 metres or so. Have fun - offer Gifts. The up- or downside is you never know exactly what you will receive. This could add some spice to life in a boring traffic jam situation or afterwards when you arrive safely at your destination and check your DroidLane Gifts Inbox :o
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