DroidLane CB architecture

The Citizens Band feature of DroidLane.
This was popular stuff 35 years ago.
And here we are once more !
At least sort of, until we can demonstrate a zero latency.

DroidLane CB architecture

Postby gunnar » October 3rd, 2009, 9:51 pm

VoiceRecorder activity / VoiceTransfer service
Press trackball to show VoiceRecorder activity.
Voice recording starts as soon as this activity comes in focus. Microphone input is written to a data buffer.
This operation has a predetermined max duration.
The activity either dismisses upon reaching this limit OR, when the user releases the trackball. When this occurs focus is returned to the main DroidLane activity view. At that point microphone recording stops. The purpose of VoiceRecorder activity is to feed the VoiceTransfer Service with more data to upload.The recording stops and the data buffer becomes appended to the queue of voice data being uploaded by the VoiceTransfer service. The main view continuously shows a status update of the total number of bytes transmitted and received during the current month.
The purpose of the VoiceRecorder activity is to feed the VoiceTransfer Service with more data to upload.
Before the VoiceRecorder activity goes out of focus the completed recording buffer is appended to a queue of voice data to be handled by the VoiceTransfer service.
Such added data is continuously processed by the VoiceTransfer service as long as there is more data to upload.

CB Player
Another Android service part of the DroidLane application is the CBPlayer which streams the aggregated voice data of the user selected channel from a DroidLane server on the Internet and plays it. This application internal service starts when the DroidLane CB Radio is switched on, and continues to run until a DroidLane CB Radio switch off occurs.
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