Press JAM - report a traffic jam situation

The Traffic JAM reporting facility

Press JAM - report a traffic jam situation

Postby gunnar » September 16th, 2009, 7:26 pm

This thread will discuss issues regarding this functionality.
It must be very easy and user friendly to issue the JAM report.
Pick up the phone, once DroidLane is on screen, hit the big JAM button.
Secondary screen appears, allow optional detail input (possible voice annotation),
Issues: Location - user needs to have GPS enabled and be willing to disclose location. Privacy.

Fake reports. What to do with them ? How to determine they are fake ? What impact will they have ?
Can user contributed blocking be used to manage misuse ?

Minimize user percieved latency when doing a report.
Prevent multi-reporting.
Allow report withdrawal !
Shall DroidLane CB be associated with DroidLane JAM ? CB post an option for the report ? Probably.
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